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And that’s why the dudes behind Lethal Cougars came to Miami Beach to find the best talent that the senior circuit has to offer.  They literally had to turn money hungry slutty cougars away because there are just so many down here who are willing to fuck a young dick for a quick buck.

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Cougar Milf Beach Patrol

cougar-milf-miami-beach-patrol-1Kristen, Kaye, and Bree decided to hit the beach the other day to find a hot young guy or two to fuck their perfectly aged cougar pussies.  Their old boring husbands were off playing golf (or so they said) and these sexy milfs needed a sexy workout.  They wore their sexiest little bikinis and flaunted what they had.  They played beach games and squealed and laughed to try and get the attention of some young studs, but they were only attracting gross old men.  The cougar sluts decided that if the young guys weren’t going to come to them, they’d go to the young guys.  They went on a Cougar Milf Beach Patrol.  That’s when they figured out why they weren’t getting any attention earlier.  There just weren’t any hot young guys on the beach that day…not even locals.  So Kristen, Kaye, and Bree decided to take matters into their own hands.  The hot cougar sluts went back to Kaye’s place to play.  Luckily Bree had her huge double dildo in the car and brought it in for the lesbian milf fucking festivities.  A very hot three way lesbian cougar milf fucking session ensued.

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Lesbian Cougar MILF Double Dildo Fucking

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What should a cougar milf do when she can’t find any young cock to take advantage of?  Dyke it out with her cougar milf friends of course.  This same situation happened to my cougar milf friends Jenna, Katherine and Kate.   Breast pumps, dildos and hot clit action were all part of their orgasmic afternoon of naughtiness.

Lesbian cougar milf action is always hot, but its not until these sluts get a hold of fresh young cock that things really get interesting.  Here in Miami, the population density of cougar milfs is greater than anywhere else in the world.  Sometimes they stalk there prey alone and sometimes they hunt in packs.  Either way, they always end their fuck sessions with a huge load of fresh cum in the mouth, ass or pussy.

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These two hot slutty South Beach cougar MILFs get down and dirty on one lucky cock.  Hot Miami MILF, Brenda takes the cock in her hot cougar ass.  These two horny cougars pounce on that cock in one of the hottest anal threesome reality porn scenes you’ll ever see.  Don’t take my word for it, check out the stack of free video clips below!!

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What is a MILF and What is a Cougar?

And what is the difference?

MILF is an acronym that stands for “mom I’d like to fuck” or “mother I would like to fuck”. This clever term is now known by 93% of adult men and has even become its own category of porn. Whether or not the MILF actually has kids is less important than knowing if she will actually fuck you. In my view MILF is a fun word to say and is very convenient for describing attractive older women. So what is the difference between a MILF and a cougar?

A cougar is an older woman who is on the prowl for younger men. Technically a cougar could also be a MILF, but only if she has kids, actively seeks out younger men for carnal pleasures, and you want to fuck her. The differences aren’t really important anyways. So how could you add MILF and cougar to your working vocabulary?


I think Jane is a MILF. Sure she is in her forties, but the way her ass looks in those spandex workout pants makes me want to stick my cock in her.

I was at the bar last night and went home and fucked a cougar slut named Janice who is 38 years old. She passed by all the older guys at the bar and came right up to me, the 22 year old baby face.

Deb is a mother of two who lives in my building. She is smoking hot and her husband is away on business frequently. Deb invited me over to fix her computer one day. I got up to leave and she pushed me down on the couch and started sucking my cock right there. We fucked for over two hours and in every room of her place. Deb is an incredible MILF cougar slut.

Johnny likes fucking cougars because they have been around the block a few times a know how to give great blowjobs.

My step-mom is a MILF.  It is a little gross but totally true.

The cougar slut insisted that I fuck her ass.  I insisted that my huge load be used to picasso her face

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Sexy Lesbian Cougar Milfs

Sexy Lesbian Cougar MILFs

Sexy Lesbian Cougar MILFs

In this video, these two very experienced milfs give us one helluva show.  First of all, both are stunning cougars.


They put in the time at the gym and it shows.  In the video, these sexy lesbian cougar milfs show you just how much stamina they have.

They scissor fuck each other with a double dong hard and fast.You can tell these hot cougars are in their sexual prime by watching how their bodies gyrate and quiver as they diddle their clits and grind up on that double dildo.

It seems like they could cougar fuck for hours!

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Charlotte is a sweet euro cougar slut. She is eager to please and has a nice clean snatch. Watch her euro fuck video below. It sounds like Charlotte has a lot to say when she is fucking these two dudes but she learns quickly that its hard to talk with a dick in her mouth and one in her pussy. She may be an amateur when it comes to porn, but she is an expert at sucking and fucking hard cock. Charlotte is a euro cougar slut from the Czech republic. Czech sluts are some of the best in Europe.  See for yourself by getting full access to all of Charlotte’s euro cougar slut adventures.

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These two amateur cougars do some interesting lesbian fucking.  One of the girls is a dirty Hawaiian slut with nice puffy nipples.  The other is a dirty blonde slut.  Her favorite sex toys include a double dildo and a meaty strap-on.  The Hawaiian slut likes cock so much that her performance in this dildo blowjob could be mistaken for the real thing.  See the full amateur cougar porn galleries here

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This hot MILF cougar slut fucks and sucks like she hasn’t seen a cock in 10 years.  She does her fuck sessions at the tanning salon so its no surprise that she has such nice bronze skin.  Watch below as this cougar slut takes the cock on the tanning bed and then on the salon chair.  First she gets fucked with her legs spread wide then she closes the legs and gets fucked from the side.  Cougar sluts like her are everywhere in Miami…  Grab a video camera, some condoms and your favorite lube and find your own cougar slut to fuck.

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