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Even though I’ve been posting mad #ThongThursday pics today, I’ve also been checking out all the hot Latina scenes at Mofo’s brand new site Latina Sex Tapes! The scenes are hot and spicy to say the least. So many hot young amateur teen Latinas fucking on camera. I guess the economy is still so bad that ridiculously hot young Latinas got to go into porn to be able to get by.

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Sexy Cuban Teen Slut Yamile Takes a Big One

sexy cuban teen slut yamile shows off her supermodel body

Sexy Cuban teen slut Yamile has the body that all the white girls in Miami would kill to have. A slender supermodel frame, perfect natural perky teen tits and a thick Cuban booty that all the guys lust after. Yamile loves the Miami night life and gets all the attention when she enters a room so it makes perfect sense that she got into the private party planning business. Yamile handles the music, dancers, and entertainment set up for a local company. We were planning a party and needed her to come out and survey the house where we were throwing the party.

After some party planning small talk, Voodoo started working his game with Yamile. She was definitely into him and started showing us her sexy slender teen body. Yamile has some sexy tattoos and before you know it, she was showing off her perky teen tits. Then she slips her panties off and let’s Voodoo feel out wet her teen snatch is. She must have really been turned on by his teasing and touching. After he finger fucks her tight teen pussy, Yamile drops to her knees and sucks his dick with a passion.

Voodoo takes her back inside the house where he proceeds to fuck the hell out of her tight teen pussy. He really loved fucking her doggystyle and grabbing and slapping her juicy Cuban booty. Click here to check out the free clips.

sexy cuban teen slut yamile fucked doggystyle

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Carolina is one hot Cuban slut


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The other day we went to get some real dark limo tint on Jmac’s new ride.  A bad ass silver Jeep.  So we rolled to a spot in Hialeah, that does good work.  They didn’t have the dark limo tint in stock so the shop manager went on a run to a sister shop to get some.  He left Carolina in charge of the shop while he was gone.  That’s when Jmac worked his magic.

Carolina may look like a regular girl when she’s at work, but once she gets out of those clothes and shows you that boomin’ Cuban booty and her perfectly perky tits, you know this girl is special.  Like I wanna fuck that spicy pussy right now special.  And that’s exactly what Jmac was thinking.  After Jmac spit a little game and flashed some Benjamins, Carolina closed the office door and pulled the blinds and started shaking that booty.  She wanted to be quick to make sure she wasn’t caught fucking by the shop manager.  So she jumped on Jmac’s dick and gave him a hard and fast blowjob.  Then Jmac, bent her over the desk and fucked her tight Cuban pussy until he was ready to cum.  He busted a huge load all over her cute face.

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Slutty Melissa takes it up the ass just to get her bike fixed

Miami Latina Slut Melissa

Miami Latina Slut Melissa

Melissa is a hot Cuban slut who’s been a bit down on her luck with this shit economy.  She got laid off a while back from her job as a receptionist at a small financial firm in Aventura before it went belly up.  Since then, she’s been pushing bottled water on Haulover Beach just to pay the rent.  We were walking back from a beach bbq to our car and that’s when we ran into Melissa doing her thing.

Melissa was flirting with us from the get go, just to sell us some water, but we thought we’d see how far she’d go.  She was definitely game and started upping the ante.  She started off by offering to get naked for us if we’d fix her bike.  It had some busted, bent up rims that needed to be replaced.  So we raised on her and offered to pay for her services for the day.

She called our bet and rolled out back to the pad.  On the way over, she starts sucking my man Cristian’s dick.  She gave him some awesome road head.  Luckily he was wearing his trunks because that bitch was drooling all over his cock while he was driving.

So anyways, we get back and fix her bike in no time.  We take her back to the pool and ask for a strip tease.  Before you know it, Melissa is back to sucking dick.  Cristian was loving fucking her sexy mouth while playing with her huge tits.  He pounds her tight wet pussy to.  You could tell this girl was freaky too.  She was shaking her ass, working those hips and getting that cock to go as deep into her pussy as possible.

Cristian was fucking her tight snatch so good that she started fingering her ass and asking Cristian if he wanted to fuck her big thick Latina ass.  He was like fuck yea, spit on her asshole, and shoved his cock in!! It was a tight fucking fit, but Melissa’s asshole got stretched and worked real good.

What a slut!  She took it up the ass just to get a couple of bucks and to get her bike fixed!

Hot Latina Ass Slut

Hot Latina Ass Slut

Cuban Slut Bianca Gets Butt Fucked

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Bianca is a smoking hot Cuban slut that works at a Latin music store in Little Havana.  She’s got a beautiful face and an amazingly curvaceous body.  She has a beautiful Latina booty, she’s flirty, and she’s passionate about music and dancing.  She’s also passionate about sucking and fucking a big cock.

Ramon offered her some cash to take off her clothes and dance for us.  Bianca played like she wasn’t gonna do it but took her top off after a little encouragement.   After a few minutes she was in nothing but her thong and shaking that sexy Latina ass, she got so horny that she invited Ramon to the back of the store.

Bianca instantly got down and started working his dick.  She sucks cock with such enthusiasm and passion.  Ramon then pounds her sweet Cuban pussy from every position.  He even starts fingering her tight Cuban asshole.  Bianca can’t stand the teasing and begs Ramon to fuck her in the ass.  Ramon shoves his monster rod deep in Bianca’s amazing Cuban booty.

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Hot Miami Beach Pool Party

Sexy Miami Beach Sluts

Sexy Miami Beach Sluts

Ever wondered how the locals get down here in Miami Beach? Well then check out the video below.  Some of the local Reality Kings guys like to throw VIP parties at their houses and invite all the hot Miami Beach sluts they know to come over for some fun in the sun.  Of course, they always like to cruise Ocean Drive and Collins and try and pick up some sexy tourist sluts too.  The more the merrier…right?


Once you got the hot sluts and a fly party pad, all you gotta add is booze, cold beer, sticky buds, and some boomin’ beats and you got yourself an awesome Miami Beach VIP pool party!  All you gotta do is just sit back and watch the fine ass come strolling by wearing nothing but a thong bikini and sunglasses.  After a few drinks these Miami Beach sluts just can’t help themselves…they just shake their asses to every song.


Of course, after partying hard all afternoon…things tend to get outta hand later in the night…check out the video to see what I mean.

Sexy Miami Beach Pool Party Video

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Cuban Slut Channell Gives a Full Body Massage

Cuban Full Release Massage Slut

Cuban Full Release Massage Slut

Meet Channell, a cute Cuban slut who loves giving full body massages….real full body massages!  She really loves massaging a cock with her mouth or her tight Latina pussy.

Channell has magic fingers, a magic tongue, and a magic pussy.

Check out the free clip below to see Channell’s full arsenal of erotic massage techniques.

Cuban Slut Full Body Massage Clip

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Sexy Cuban Slut Doggystyle Fucking in the Pool

Topless Cuban Slut

Topless Cuban Slut

Vicktoria is a cute and sexy Cuban slut who recently started her own topless house cleaning business to make some extra cash on the side.  We found Vicktoria’s tempting ad on a local classifieds site and hit her up.  She came over to Ramon’s house to do her topless house cleaning routine and we thought we’d see how far she’d go for an extra Benjamin or two.

Check out the free clip below to see how far she went!

Vicktoria has some natural jiggly boobs that are fun to play with and suck on, but her ASS is what really sets her apart.  Her thick, round, and juicy Cuban booty is truly a site to behold.  Ramon tempts her with a hundred dollars to get her to show off that perfect Latina ass.  She eventually falls in the pool chasing after the cash and Ramon jumps in after her.

Thick Cuban Booty

Thick Cuban Booty

They take turns going down on each other and you can tell Ramon really enjoys eating her spicy little Cuban pussy.  Vicktoria can really suck a dick too.  She looks completely in her element with a big dick in her mouth.  My favorite part of the video is when Ramon fucks that tight Latina pussy doggystyle in the pool and you can see that big sexy booty of hers bouncing all around and the pool water is splashing everywhere.

Cuban Slut Fucking in the Pool – Free Clip

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Gotta love these Cuban sluts down here.  It seems like every one of them has a perfectly tight body with a thick, juicy ass and a fantastic pair of tits.

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How to pick up Cuban sluts in Miami

Miami Cuban Slut Tatty

Miami Cuban Slut Tatty

If you like hot Cuban sluts like Tatty and would like to pick up a sweet piece of Latina ass like her the next time your down here in Miami then read on.

The most important thing is to be confident when you approach a sexy Latina and of course, BE YOURSELF.  Miami Latina girls understand that variety is the spice of life and will give almost any guy the time of day, AS LONG AS he’s REAL.  Don’t bring some bullshit, if you’re the innocent type, then be yourself.  If you try and be all hard and thug life, they will shoot you down and laugh in your face.

The second most important thing is to roll up in an awesome ride.  I know what your thinking…”I should rent an exotic.”  WRONG! These Miami Latinas absolutely love a sense of humor so if you roll up in something like a rental scooter or a double scooter for tourists and try and pick them up, you are nearly guaranteed to get a number or even more.

Cuban slut in Miami Beach

Cuban slut in Miami Beach

The last thing you need to seal the deal with a hot piece of Cuban pussy or spicy Latina ass is…a bad ass hotel suite or high-rise vacation condo.  The sweeter the view from the balcony, the sweeter the blowjob she’s gonna give you!

Don’t believe me?  Then check out the video below.

How to pick up Cuban sluts in Miami – Video Clip

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