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March Madness Dorm Sex

Celebrate your team’s victory like a champ!

Celebrating the win in true college fashion!

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Georgia Bulldogs Beer Olympics and Dorm Orgy

*Video:georgia bulldogs beer olympics and dorm sex orgy video tape

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So these Georgia college co-eds decided to start the spring semester off with an awesome night of Beer Olympics.  They play all kinds of crazy games and drink a ton of beer before they move on to the final game of the night, truth or dare.  Cliche I know! Anyways, the good news is that most of the chicks are hot including this one black chick who is smoking hot!  Anyways, the truth or dare game quickly turns into just a dare game with dares ranging from the girls getting dared to take off clothes to the guys getting dared to lick a titty or eat a girl’s pussy.  Needless to say, the game quickly evolved into a hot dorm orgy partyGood times!!!

So this is how they do it at K-State

So apparently the co-eds at Kansas State like to get down to some mutual masturbation before getting busy.  This K-State dorm sex tape is great! Just arrived at Dare Dorm and it’s one of the more unique ones I’ve seen.  These cute K-State coeds are hanging out when this guy walks in with his camera rolling.  He says he wants to watch them get naked and dyke it out.  So what do they do…DYKE IT OUT!

The funny part is, the dude just sets the camera down so you can see the chicks being all sexy and seductive, but just along the edge of the screen you can see that the kid pulls up a chair, takes off his clothes, gets comfortable and starts jerking it as he’s watching these cute Kansas State coeds having hot lesbian sex.  The girls do pause for a minute and look at the guy with a “WTF” look on their faces.  He simply says, “what?”  And that’s what gets them off!

After a long hot lesbian fuck session, these cute K-State sluts decide they need some fucking cock.  So they grab the guy and start sucking him off before they let him pound their sweet pink pussies.  This guy is by far the King of KSU and Manhattan Kansas!

Back to School Time: Body Painting and Dorm Orgies

Well it’s that time of year again, back to school time for college students across the country.  So when these California art students got back to the dorm room earlier this month, they decided to celebrate by having a crazy body painting group sex party.  And lucky for us, they decided to tape it and send it to DareDorm to collect an easy $10,000.  I bet these art students are going to have one hell of a semester with that kind of party money!

The party starts out innocent enough, cute girls and random dudes just knocking back cold beer and greeting each other after a summer away from the dorms.  Then they break out the paint and start slapping it on this canvas and plastic material they lined around the room.  Before you know it, they are rubbing the paint all over each other.  The dudes especially enjoyed rubbing paint all over those big natural tits of a few of the girls.

At one point, the guy with the camera sneaks off with this hot college slut and takes her into a bathroom stall, where she proceeds to give him a deepthroat blowjob.  He fucks her from behind in the bathroom for a while before he cums all in her mouth and all over her titsA monster load indeed!

By the time, he gets the camera back in the dorm room, everyone else is butt naked, covered in paint and sweat, and fucking like rabbits! By far, some of the best college group sex footage I have ever seen.  I highly recommend it!  Click here to watch the video.

Summer School Sex Tape

summer school college sluts making whip cream bikinis

Summer school at college is a bit slower and low key than the normal school year since only a fraction of the students are on campus during summer sessions.  So sometimes you gotta make your own fun.  That’s what these cute coeds did at an unnamed California institution of higher learning.  And they sent DareDorm the SEX TAPE! At first they were just playing video games and decided to liven things up by trying on sexy outfits and asking each other naughty questions, like “What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?” (Watch this clip for the answer)

Then one of the girls decides to go to the sundry store and pick up some whip cream and other tasty treats. The girls start playing around with the whip cream, making whip cream bikini’s and licking the cream off their perky nipples and fresh teen pussies.  After these cute coeds dyke it out for a while they get so horny for cock they decide to text some of the dudes in their building to come up for dessert.

naked college coeds taking pics in front of a mirror

The guys come up and pour whip cream all over these sexy college sluts and make them into their very own desserts.  The guys lick those tasty pussies until their tongues cramp up!  Then the girls start giving the guys blowjobs.  Some of these cute coeds are fucking pros at sucking cock!  The guys make their rounds fucking each girls tight wet pussy and making her scream with delight.  There is also a lot of pussy to mouth action in this sex tape and each of these girls absolutely loved sucking the pussy juice off those cocks.  Check it out! Best summer school night these guys will ever have!

Two dudes eat whip cream off a teen college sluts ass

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Ever wonder what sluts do in an all girls college dorm?

Hot college freshman lesbian sluts

They dyke it out of course! Check out these three sexy freshman college sluts finger fuck each other and suck on swollen teen clit.  The action is hot and the girls talk dirty to each other while they film each other.

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freshman lesbian sluts film each other fucking

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College Sluts Pajama Party Fuck Fest

hot college sluts wearing sexy lingerie

This week’s college sex tape submission to DareDorm is by far the hottest one they’ve ever received in my opinion.  These college sluts throw the college dorm equivalent of a Playboy Pajama Party with a bad ass ice luge sculpture for taking ice luge liquor shots.  These young college sluts are smoking hot and love posing for the camera in their sexy lingerie and Victoria Secret pajamas.  Unfortunately they decided to hide the location of the college they attend.  If I knew where it was, I would go enroll and get my masters in college slut fucking!

topless college sluts posing with a liquor luge

Anyways, these girls are anything but shy.  They get down and dirty with each other.  Finger fucking, eating wet snatch and tongue fucking each other in the ass.  Amazing teen lesbian college dorm sex at it’s finest.  But it gets better for some lucky college dudes.  They get invited to the Pajama Party Fuck Fest and get to take booty ice shots and fuck each and every one of those petite college teen sluts.  My guess is they provided the booze!  These dirty college sluts relish in showing off their deepthroat cock sucking skills to the camera before they let the guys take turns fucking their tight pink pussies.  Check out the trailer and full video and let us know what you think.  I bet you’ll agree, one of the hottest college sex tapes ever!

College Dorm Pajama Party Fuck Fest Video Trailer

college slut pajama party fuck fest video link

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UCLA Sophomore Sluts Caught Fucking on Camera

Drunk UCLA Redheaded Slut

Drunk UCLA Redheaded Slut

So this hot ass college sex tape made its way to Dare Dorm recently.  The tape was apparently made last fall.  These three cute UCLA sluts got hammered at a Bruins football game and start flashing the crowd, then they make their way back to the dorm for some post game drinking and fucking.  Two lucky guys tag along for the fun.  Both guys are pretty drunk but keep their patience while the drunk college sluts blab on incessantly about whatever.

Drunk UCLA Sluts at Football game

Then they start getting horny and naked and that’s when the fun starts.  The girl’s fondle each other a bit and then take some Jello shots and take turns making out.  Then they turn their attention to the lucky guys.  Both dudes enjoy getting blowjobs from two of the sluts at the same time before bending the sluts over and fucking their tight, wet pussies.  The action even gets so hot that the girls even dyke out a bit and finger fuck each other and eat tasty college slut snatch.

Drunk UCLA sluts take jello shots and make out

Slutty Jello Shot Makeout Session

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San Diego College Sluts Drunk Group Sex

Topless San Diego State College Sluts

Topless San Diego State College Sluts

After watching this college sex tape I really wished I had gone to San Diego State.  The sluts are smoking hot, slutty, and apparently love group sex.  The action starts with some hard booze drinks, shots, and dancing with glow sticks.  Once that liquor buzz kicks in, these hot college sluts are groping each other, making out and grabbing the guys’ junk.  These college sluts definitely aren’t shy.  Two of them get down on their knees are start sucking cock.  They give all the guys all they can handle before they start eating tasty college snatch.  Then the action gets crazy as they all try and fit on a tiny college dorm bunk bed and have crazy group sex.  This one slut lets the guys take turns fucking her pussy and then fucking her mouth.  Very hot college dorm sex, I wish I had gone to San Diego State.

San Diego State College Sluts Sucking Cock

San Diego State College Sluts Sucking Cock

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