Ways to Educate 4-Year-Olds to Be Smart and Independent

Every couple who has been blessed with a baby certainly wants their children to grow and develop properly. In addition you and your partner certainly want to have a smart and clever child. Tenryata is a clever and intelligent child who is not only influenced by his genetic factors but also influenced by the way he educates his parents. If you want to have a good, clever, and intelligent child of course you should also educate her well, right? Educating parents is the most important way for her. Therefore, you who have a 4-year-old should start educating the child properly, here is how to educate the 4 year old to be smart from us that you can apply at home. Take a good look at me.

  1. Accompany the child watching television

As the era progresses, different types of spectacle can be accessed through any medium, especially television. When your child is 4 years old of course they already know the name of television and can even operate it properly. The dishes on television are not all good for young children, there is an age range as well. Therefore when the child watches television accompanies him so that you know what is being watched it is safe or not for him.

  1. Learn music

According to some studies in America, states if a child who attends music lessons or learns music has more cognitive abilities than a child who does not. Therefore if you want your child to be smart, you can give him music lessons. Most importantly never force him yes, just ask him what music he wants to learn. That way he will not feel depressed and feel good running it. 

  1. Provide healthy food and have a high nutritional content

Not only are parents educated, food also takes a role in helping your child’s brain development. Since the 4-year-old is still in his in-out years, of course you have to feed him that can spur intelligence on his brain. You can give him healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, as well as foods containing omega 3 such as good sea fish to spur his brain intelligence.

  1. Limit gadget play

Nowadays everything is getting more sophisticated, even children can play gadgets at a young age without needing to be taught. Many parents give them gadgets at their young age. It’s best to avoid that, giving a gadget to a child just makes it lazy. Lend him a gadget with a rare and short duration so that he does not rely too much on gadgets.

  1. Tell him to play outdoors.

When many parents forbid their children from playing outdoors for fear of many things. If you want your child to be smart tell him to play outdoors, for example in your yard. That way he learns a lot of things and spurs him to always ask questions, which is important always keep an eye on him when playing yes.